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Price £59,000 no vat.

This beautiful Wagon offers a stylish and spacious alternative to the traditional white caravan and other portable accommodation.  Perfect for the current climate of ‘staycations’ or just for ancillary accommodation.

Tech list:

  • 900 watt of solar power
  • Alde central heating system with heated towel rail and radiators. Provides thermostatically controlled heat and 13 litres of hot water.
  • 24 volt dc fridge, 24 volt dc lighting, 270 amp battery power
  • Propane gas 2 burner gas hob
  • 125 litre on board water tank
  • Cinderella incinerator toilet
  • 12 kilos LPG gas 107 grams of gas per burn.
  • 30% of water consumption is saved by using the Cinderella toilet.
  • Hose pipe supply

Designed by American Retro Caravans (ARC) here on the Somerset Levels, it has been built with materials made to last and allows you to experience the freedom of off-grid living with no compromise on style or comfort. The solar panels will provide enough power so you will not have to depend on generators or mains electricity and the ingenious Cinderella toilet incinerates the waste, so there are no chemicals or nasty black waste to dispose of. You can park up far from the madding crowd, turn on the lights, charge your phone, have a cold glass of wine and just kick back and stare at the stars. If you fancy something a bit cosier, then fire up the Hobbit wood burner.

The interior of the main cabin has an engineered oak floor and has been lined with oak wood veneer. The kitchen cabinets are covered with powder coated zinc and copper trim.

The hand made leather sofa has plenty of storage underneath.  The headboard on the double bed is covered with Pierre Frey Shanghai fabric and there are locally crafted wicker storage baskets under the bed. The lined Roman blinds are made from British wool fabric.

The dimensions are 6.6 metres (including the tow bar)x 2.25 metres wide

It weighs approx 1.5 tons.

Please contact us for further information and to arrange a viewing.


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