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Below is information about our latest refits and renovations. Click on each project for more information and photos.

1965 Airstream Overlander Interior

A 1965 Airstream Overlander fully restored with a new bespoke interior designed and built by ARC.

1953 Airstream Clipper interior

A new interior fitted into a 1953 fully restored Airstream Clipper.

The Rum Runner Airstream Cocktail Bar

This Airstream was transformed into a deco style bar for The Rum Runner.

Airstream Country Retreat interior

This Airstream Country Retreat has a wood burning stove, stained glass skylights and wood panelled bedroom.

Airstream Office

This Airstream is going to be used as a home office.

Airstream 310 Motorhome

The interior of this RV was inspired by the iconic Andrew Martin Spitfire Chair.

The Dubai Airstream

This luxury Airstream project has been shipped to a customer in Dubai. The side of the Airstream folds down into a deck for entertaining guests.

Luxury Airstream 280

A high polished luxury refit.

Ralph Lauren-inspired Luxury Airstream

The interior of this Airstream was inspired by the Ralph Lauren Corral Canyon collection.

The Airstream with the Egg-shaped Hole

This Airstream has an egg-shaped hole leading into a fully upholstered bedroom area.

Apollo 70 Airstream Bar

This Apollo 70 is an Airstream cocktail bar.

Huntsman 68 Airstream

This Airstream was one of two corporate Airstreams refitted for the Huntsman clothing brand.

The Lava Lamp Airstream

This Airstream interior was inspired by the colours and shapes of a lava lamp and featured on the first series of Channel 4's 'Amazing Spaces' TV Show.

The Huntsman 65 Airstream

This Airstream uses similar materials but with silver and heather tones rather than copper.

Weber Barbecue Airstream

A touring corporate and promotional vehicle for Weber Barbecues.

Retro Airstream interior

This leisure Airstream was refitted for the owner to take on glamping trips and to festivals.

Senergy Landyacht

The Landyacht has a bespoke kitchen and bathroom and a space for entertaining clients.

Minimalist Airstream

An Airstream refitted with a clean, minimalist design.

Luxury Airstream interior

This Airstream was fitted out for the owner to use as a base when he was racing in the British Touring Car Championships.


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