A new project: Dubai Airstream

After the Whaletail Airstream made it’s way to a new home last week, we’re getting stuck into our next project already: taking out the interior of this vintage Airstream, ready for a luxury refit. This Airstream is going to have a very decadent and luxurious interior and will be shipped out to a client in Dubai once it is finished.

As always we’ll be blogging every step of the process, so watch this space to see this Airstream being transformed by our dedicated team in the coming months!

Luxury Airstream project gets underway

Dubai Airstream

Vintage Airstream project

A scratched Airstream gets fixed

In the ARC workshop today: this Airstream has come in to have a panel replaced after it’s original one was really badly scratched:

Here you can see the deep scratches on the front of the Airstream:

An Airstream with a scratched panel

Here the panel has been removed, ready to be replaced with a shiny, scratch-free new one.:

The panel is removed

We are trusted by most insurance providers to carry out repairs like these to damaged Airstreams. Check out our new website for more information about the services that we offer.