Retro Retrims relocate to the ARC workshop

Joining us this month is Chris, with his business Retro Retrims. Previously from Birmingham, Chris has fallen in love with a local lass and relocated to Somerset where he has set up his workshop alongside us here in our sunny cider orchard here on the Somerset Levels.

Chris will be working on his own vehicle upholstery projects for his own clients – including Volkswagens, Minis and other post war classic vehicles – and also working on some of our projects too. He has already made a glamorous gold padded cocktail bar for the Dubai Airstream and will also be working on a very exciting new venture which we are launching later this year – watch this space for more details!

At present Chris has his own space at the back of one of our workshops but this is all set to change as we are constructing a new workshop especially for him alongside our current workspace.

Chris from Retro Retrims

The new workshop under construction

Some of Chris' work

The Dubai Airstream

You can find out more about Retro Retrims on Chris’ website:

The Airstream with the stained glass ceiling

In the workshop today – this luxurious Airstream project is nearing completion.

It has wood panelling, a hand made pippy oak bed and another ARC first – two stained glass panels in the ceiling! Featuring pegasus in the lounge area and two doves above the bed. The roof of this 31ft Airstream has banded wooden strips in a bow-top caravan style and the air con has been revamped to fit in with the rest of the new interior design.

We’ll be sure to post a full shoot of the finished project when it’s done so keep checking the blog to see how it looks when it’s finished!

dove stained glass in airstream ceiling

looking through to the lounge with mood board

revamped aircon unit in the airstream

pegasus staind glass in the airstream ceiling

Airstream insurance work and some shiny wallpaper

In the ARC workshop today: this Airstream has come in for repairs. Here the damaged panels have been removed and the new panels are fitted ready for a polish. We regularly complete insurance work for Airstream owners and are trusted to complete this work to a high standard by many insurance companies.

Airstream repairs and insurance work

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the workshop, this Airstream interior is being lined with textured silver flecked wall paper – what do you think?

Airstream wallpaper

Winnie the Winnebago comes in for a service

In the workshop today. Winnie the Winnebago has come in for a service. As you can see from the pictures here, this huge RV has a pull out side which helps to create even more room when it is being used on set by it’s film director owner. The bespoke interior includes copper worktops and shower, a woodburner and wall-to-wall oak with a curved ‘barrel top’ ceiling. You can see more pictures of this project in our website gallery.