ARC team braving the cold!

In the ARC workshop this week: It’s cold! Here you can see one of our team battling the winter storms whilst working on the windows of a clients Airstream. Luckily we didn’t get the snow that was forecast – but there is still time!

Cold team member

Meanwhile inside the workshop two hatches are being fabricated ready to be fitted to this new catering Airstream project.

Airstream Catering hatches

In the workshop today: progress on the Airstream Overlander

In the workshop today – here are some progress pictures from the Airstream Overlander project.

Here you can see the aluminium end caps going in:

aluminium end caps

Here’s Richard fitting the next piece of the end cap into the Overlander:

aluminium end caps

This is Chris shaping the edge of a piece of the Overlander end cap:

Overlander end caps

Here a new patch is being riveted on. The protective film is left on to protect it whilst it is being fitted.

aluminium patch

The Overlander has unusual frameless windows. Airstream Overlanders featured frameless windows very briefly, from 1966 to 1968.

Overlander frameless windows

Airstream parts

Airstream Ambassador windows

In the workshop today – we have some parts going out to customers. these two windows from our parts department are going to the owner of a 1973 Ambassador.

We have an online shop selling new Airstream parts and accessories and also have lots of vintage parts in stock – too many to list individually. So if you’re after something in particular, like these beautiful Safari teardrop lights, then get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

Airstream Safari Teardrop lights

Repairs to a rotten floor and damaged window frames

The rot in the floor is a very common problem in Vintage Airstreams, which is why we always pull up the old floor and start with repairing and painting the chassis.

Rotten Airstream floor

Rotten Airstream floor

This photo shows the state that some window frames are in before we start working on them.

Damaged Airstream window frames

Damaged Airstream window frames

Damaged Airstream window frames

New Panel and Window for the Whaletail

whaletailHere a new panel and new original window are being fitted to an Airstream Overlander Whaletail. Above is a before picture – and below is the after.


The workshop now has a phone number so that customers can check whether a vintage part is in stock:

ARC Airstream workshop: 01823 254242

We are also in the process of setting up an online shop selling vintage parts and exclusive Airstream accessories.