Groovy Baby! It’s the Orange and Purple Lava Lamp Airstream…

A visual feast for you today as this Airstream is really starting to take shape, demonstrating the versatility of the design team here at ARC. If the customer wants minimalist, we can do minimalist – or if they want something bright and bold and inspired by iconic design, we can do that too!

This client wants to stand out from the crowd with a retro style interior which has been inspired by the colours of a lava lamp. This is the Airstream with the starry ceiling which I have mentioned in previous posts. It’s also going to have a cocktail cabinet and a periscope. At the moment Darren and the team are busy fitting the stereo and the dazzling purple and orange cabinets and drawers with retractable handles – take a look at all of these lovely pics to see how it’s coming along:

Airstream doorInterior Door

Airstream KitchenKitchen area

Airstream KitchenKitchen drawers

Airstream Kitchen

Airstream Kitchen

Airstream KitchenCheck out these groovy retractable drawer handles – now you see it….

Airstream Kitchen…now you don’t!

Airstream Kitchen…and the same on the kitchen cupboards!

Airstream KitchenSpecial kitchen mood lighting

Airstream Kitchen

Airstream Door

Airstream Door

Airstream Door

Airstream Interior

Airstream Stereo SystemThe thermostatically controlled wine cooler goes in

Airstream Stereo SystemSpeakers are mounted into the ceiling

Meet the Team 2 – Dave


Meet Dave

Dave has been working at American Retro Caravans since April. He has been working for himself as a carpenter since he was 18, building kitchens, cabinets and various other bespoke woodwork projects.

Since joining the team at ARC, Dave has taken the position of ‘King Laminator’ laminating the interior of the Airstreams, alongside other carpentry and cabinet making tasks. Everything in the Airstreams is hand built and made to order – nothing is from the shelf – so Dave’s skills are in demand as he helps to create and fit made to measure furniture in each one.

What else does Dave do at ARC?

“I keep the workforce on their toes with my banter. I also teach English to our Polish staff member . I’ve been teaching him Mockney. I’m from Kent originally.”

Dave’s favourite colour is green and his favourite thing about working at American Retro Caravans is the good working atmosphere:

“We all have a good laugh together and still get on with our work at the same time.”

Interests: Dave used to do a lot of kick boxing and downhill biking until his knees complained and he now prefers to do canoeing and a bit of squash.