Airstream insurance work and some shiny wallpaper

In the ARC workshop today: this Airstream has come in for repairs. Here the damaged panels have been removed and the new panels are fitted ready for a polish. We regularly complete insurance work for Airstream owners and are trusted to complete this work to a high standard by many insurance companies.

Airstream repairs and insurance work

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the workshop, this Airstream interior is being lined with textured silver flecked wall paper – what do you think?

Airstream wallpaper

Winnie the Winnebago comes in for a service

In the workshop today. Winnie the Winnebago has come in for a service. As you can see from the pictures here, this huge RV has a pull out side which helps to create even more room when it is being used on set by it’s film director owner. The bespoke interior includes copper worktops and shower, a woodburner and wall-to-wall oak with a curved ‘barrel top’ ceiling. You can see more pictures of this project in our website gallery.


Oak interior for the Sovereign

In the ARC workshop today – a break from the bling! After the shiny and brightly coloured finish of our recently finished Dubai Airstream project, we’re now working with some traditional oak.

This 30ft Airstream Sovereign is being fitted with oak panelled end caps, oak panelled walls and an oak ‘barrel top’ ceiling. The oak ceiling is similar to the one we installed in Winnie the Winnebago (pictured bottom) which was inspired by the ceiling of a romany caravan.

Inside the Airstream Sovereign

Inside the Airstream Sovereign

Inside the Airstream Sovereign

Inside the Airstream Sovereign

Inside the Airstream Sovereign

Winnie the Winnebago (below)


In the workshop – bling and more bling

In the ARC workshop today: This fabulous golden cocktail bar is under construction in the Dubai Airstream – one of our luxury Airstream refit projects which is being shipped out to Dubai once it is completed.

The bar was decorated by our new upholsterer, Chris Burns. Chris renovates VW campers and will be joining ARC soon – so we will become even more of a hub for all things retro! You can also see in this picture that this Airstream is being fitted with one of our classic ‘starry sky’ lighting designs with twinkling, colour-changing LEDS set into the ceiling.

A bling bar for the Dubai Airstream project

Meanwhile one of our early projects, the Weber Barbecue Airstream has come back to the workshop for a service and buff and polish ready to hit the road again this summer as it tours the UK demonstrating the delights of Weber barbecues. You can see more pictures of this Airstream project on our website gallery page and blog.

The Weber Barbecue Airstream