The Weber Airstream comes in for a Revamp

In the workshop today the Weber barbecue Airstream has come back in for a revamp before it sets off on the summer barbecue circuit once again.

The Weber Airstream stage and interior design was originally designed here in the UK at ARC workshop.

Weber barbecue Airstream

Weber barbecue Airstream

And elsewhere we have been working on:

Airstream doorA renovated 1950’s door

1970s AirstreamA beautiful exterior polish on a 1970’s Airstream which is nearly ready to leave the workshop.

ARC Airstreams customer gets a mention at the Brits

We might have mentioned Chris Morrison on the blog before he’s an ARC Airstreams customer and runs CMO Management in London. Part of his job at CMO includes managing indie legends Blur who personally thanked him at the Brit Awards on Tuesday night when they received their Outstanding Contribution to Music award (straight after Adele was controversially cut short during her own acceptance speech).

Blur singer Damon Albarn described Chris as a ‘special person’, saying: “He took us as four completely broke young men and kind of helped us in so many ways. He was a friend as well as a great business manager. He looked after us a treat…Thank you Chris Morrison for everything mate, you are a very dear friend.”

If you watch this video closely you can see Chris dancing around in the audience!

And here’s his Airstream:

chris morrison airstream

chris morrison airstream

chris morrison airstream

The TV Crew are back

As part of an ongoing series focused on Micro Design, the TV crew came back today to film the progress on some of our Airstream Projects.

Here’s a demonstration of the polishing process:

polishing an Airstream

And in this picture our professional carpet fitters are showing the film crew how they are laying new Dalsouple flooring in this Airstream. It is a lovely soft jade colour that looks just right in a 50’s Airstream.

jade dalsouple airstream flooring

….and now for something completely different!

Minimalist AirstreamAfter showing you last week’s lava-lamp inspired work-in-progress, today we take a look at how things are coming along in the minimalist Airstream – demonstrating the versatility of our work and the skill of our design team – from understanding our client’s vision to translating it into the finished article.

Here a stylish red bespoke sofa sets off the simple interior of the Airstream. Underneath is a rock and roll bed.

The drawers have been sanded and sealed to protect the oak they are now ready to be installed.

Minimalist Airstream

White handles keep the feeling of simplicity and avoid interfering with the lines of the carpentry.

Minimalist Airstream

Groovy Baby! It’s the Orange and Purple Lava Lamp Airstream…

A visual feast for you today as this Airstream is really starting to take shape, demonstrating the versatility of the design team here at ARC. If the customer wants minimalist, we can do minimalist – or if they want something bright and bold and inspired by iconic design, we can do that too!

This client wants to stand out from the crowd with a retro style interior which has been inspired by the colours of a lava lamp. This is the Airstream with the starry ceiling which I have mentioned in previous posts. It’s also going to have a cocktail cabinet and a periscope. At the moment Darren and the team are busy fitting the stereo and the dazzling purple and orange cabinets and drawers with retractable handles – take a look at all of these lovely pics to see how it’s coming along:

Airstream doorInterior Door

Airstream KitchenKitchen area

Airstream KitchenKitchen drawers

Airstream Kitchen

Airstream Kitchen

Airstream KitchenCheck out these groovy retractable drawer handles – now you see it….

Airstream Kitchen…now you don’t!

Airstream Kitchen…and the same on the kitchen cupboards!

Airstream KitchenSpecial kitchen mood lighting

Airstream Kitchen

Airstream Door

Airstream Door

Airstream Door

Airstream Interior

Airstream Stereo SystemThe thermostatically controlled wine cooler goes in

Airstream Stereo SystemSpeakers are mounted into the ceiling