Weber Barbecue Airstream in Wales

Weber Airstream

If you’re thinking of doing some barbecuing this bank holiday weekend and you want to check out a good example of our Airstream restoration work, then why not go and visit the Weber Barbecue Airstream as it continues it’s tour around Britain? This project that we finished earlier this year has been touring the country ever since, delivering the ‘Weber Experience’ to people at special events and shows.

Today it’s going to be at Brisco Williams in Swansea, creating an array of delicious barbecued dishes for you to taste – then on the 25th they’re heading on the Caerphilly Garden Centre, followed by the Raglan Garden Centre on Abergavenny Road on the 26th August.

Check out the Weber Experience website for more info.

The Weber Experience Airstream

Meet the Team 3 – Will

Will at american retro caravansWill is the newest member of the ARC team and started at the end of June. He has just graduated from Somerset College of Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Will’s work at American Retro Caravans varies but is mainly focussed on fabrication and repairs. He loves working with his hands:

“Anything to do with working with metal really and I’m happy. I like getting my hands dirty”

Will is enthusiastic about working with old vehicles – in his spare time he has been rebuilding a classic Mini and he also likes taking motorbikes to bits. There is usually some kind of restoration project on the go at home in his workshop and so he really enjoys restoring and repairing the Airstreams.

His favourite part about work at ARC is the variation of the work. The job involves working on several different restoration projects at once and there is always something different to do on each Airstream.

Will’s favourite colour is blue.

Will at american retro caravans

Will at american retro caravans

Meet the Team 2 – Dave


Meet Dave

Dave has been working at American Retro Caravans since April. He has been working for himself as a carpenter since he was 18, building kitchens, cabinets and various other bespoke woodwork projects.

Since joining the team at ARC, Dave has taken the position of ‘King Laminator’ laminating the interior of the Airstreams, alongside other carpentry and cabinet making tasks. Everything in the Airstreams is hand built and made to order – nothing is from the shelf – so Dave’s skills are in demand as he helps to create and fit made to measure furniture in each one.

What else does Dave do at ARC?

“I keep the workforce on their toes with my banter. I also teach English to our Polish staff member . I’ve been teaching him Mockney. I’m from Kent originally.”

Dave’s favourite colour is green and his favourite thing about working at American Retro Caravans is the good working atmosphere:

“We all have a good laugh together and still get on with our work at the same time.”

Interests: Dave used to do a lot of kick boxing and downhill biking until his knees complained and he now prefers to do canoeing and a bit of squash.