Airstream 310 Motorhome

Here are some photos of our latest finished project – an Airstream 310 Motorhome.

This motorhome was completely refitted here at the ARC workshop. The interior was inspired by the iconic Andrew Martin Spitfire Chair – featuring handmade riveted aluminium furniture with distressed leather.

The Motorhome has an impressive V8 engine, all new electrics and plumbing, a wet central heating system, surround sound system, galley kitchen with solid wood worktops and hand built aluminium cupboards. The bathroom has a large shower with toilet and basin. There is also a dinette, emperor sized bed with Mulberry velvet cushions and a rock and roll bed. All of the interior was hand built by our team at the ARC workshop.

The owners of this Airstream motorhome are based in Cornwall and will be making the motorhome available to rent. You can contact them through their website:

All photos here are by our excellent photographer Jeremy Phillips













Airstream insurance work and some shiny wallpaper

In the ARC workshop today: this Airstream has come in for repairs. Here the damaged panels have been removed and the new panels are fitted ready for a polish. We regularly complete insurance work for Airstream owners and are trusted to complete this work to a high standard by many insurance companies.

Airstream repairs and insurance work

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the workshop, this Airstream interior is being lined with textured silver flecked wall paper – what do you think?

Airstream wallpaper

The Weber Experience Airstream

The Weber Experience Airstream is also in for a service this week. This Airstream tours the UK and ROI demonstrating Weber’s excellent range of barbecues, offering advice on grilling techniques and some delicious summer recipes. You can see some more pictures of this Airstream which has a fold down side that turns into a stage on our website gallery and on the Weber Experience website.

weber-01 weber-02

Winnie the Winnebago comes in for a service

In the workshop today. Winnie the Winnebago has come in for a service. As you can see from the pictures here, this huge RV has a pull out side which helps to create even more room when it is being used on set by it’s film director owner. The bespoke interior includes copper worktops and shower, a woodburner and wall-to-wall oak with a curved ‘barrel top’ ceiling. You can see more pictures of this project in our website gallery.


Inside the Airstream 280

Here are some more photos of one of our recent Airstream Motorhome restoration projects. This minimalist design shows how versatile our team is in listening to what our clients need to create the perfect home from home for them – whether that is filled with colour and disco lights or something more subtle.

This Airstream features a refined take on our trademark LED starry ceiling, with the owner’s star sign constellations set into the upholstered ceiling of the motorhome.

As you can see here, we pay careful attention to every detail in each of our projects, with everything finished to a meticulously high standard.

Airstream 280

Airstream 280

Airstream 280

Airstream 280

Airstream 280

Oak interior for the Sovereign

In the ARC workshop today – a break from the bling! After the shiny and brightly coloured finish of our recently finished Dubai Airstream project, we’re now working with some traditional oak.

This 30ft Airstream Sovereign is being fitted with oak panelled end caps, oak panelled walls and an oak ‘barrel top’ ceiling. The oak ceiling is similar to the one we installed in Winnie the Winnebago (pictured bottom) which was inspired by the ceiling of a romany caravan.

Inside the Airstream Sovereign

Inside the Airstream Sovereign

Inside the Airstream Sovereign

Inside the Airstream Sovereign

Inside the Airstream Sovereign

Winnie the Winnebago (below)